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Customer centricity, easier said than done. Marktplaats’ re-startup

14:00 30 minutes Mobile Conference
Pedro Thormodsen Marktplaats

Nobody goes to work with the goal to give customers a bad experience, but so often customers do have one. To avoid this, organizations push themselves to be more customer centric, but this is often easier said than done. CPTO Pedro Thormodsen takes you through the constant change at Marktplaats to improve the success of its users. Enabling them to trade easy, quick and, most importantly, with a smile. A story about personalization, platform economies, instant satisfaction, voice and Blockchain. But above all a story about creating a new culture.

Pedro Thormodsen

Pedro Thormodsen


His roots are a story in itself, we will keep that for his presentation. The common denominator in Pedro’s career has always been his customer centric way of thinking. Bridging technology and customer satisfaction. Before starting at Marktplaats Pedro has worked for numerous international leading companies such as CapGemini, Shibsted and in one of the biggest hospitals in Norway.

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